Developing your questioning skills

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Developing your questioning skills 

We all respond to things in different ways and sometimes look back on a situation and wish we could change how we reacted. This type of self-awareness is something that can be explored within a coaching session by using your questioning skills to help your clients explore the triggers that cause certain behaviors.

By asking the right questions, you can help them unlock the awareness they need to help them see how they would normally respond to different types of situation and what their triggers are. Then by discussing what they would like to change, you can explore how they would like to respond if they had the opportunity and practice all of this in the safe space of the coaching session. They will then learn to develop a new approach, so they tackle the things that may be holding them back from achieving their full potential.


Suggested discussion points

Our community of international coaches have identified a range of recurring themes that may help you develop your questioning skills to use within your coaching sessions. These suggested discussion points will be of most help when you are supporting individuals during one-to-one coaching sessions.

Here are some of the things clients said they wanted to focus on during their coaching session:

  • Talk openly about both their professional and personal life
  • Find motivation or define a new life goal or project
  • Feel liberated from emotional blocks or negative emotions
  • Believe in themselves and eliminate inner voices or inner conflict
  • Break free from limiting beliefs and recurring negative scripts
  • Develop self-confidence or self-esteem
  • Resolve conflicts and manage stress or stressful situations
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills
  • Feel empowered to become the very best version of themselves


Example coaching process

We know every client will be different. However this example coaching process sets out the key steps and stages you will normally follow during your one-to-one coaching sessions.

MyCoachingToolkit - Example Coaching Process

Your Coaching Style

Whatever your coaching style or specialism, you will fully succeed if you are able to create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration within your coaching sessions. This is normally based on the fundamental belief that your clients can find their own solution. But with your help through simple techniques like using active questioning skills to help them identify and overcome the obstacles that could hinder their progress and any future success.

In your role as a coach, you will:

  • Encourage – to get your clients out of their comfort zone and explore new behavior
  • Empower – so they can find their own solution
  • Support – to identify smart objectives and achieve goals
  • Stimulate – their personal and professional development

Further reading:

Developing your questioning skills is key to growing your coaching business and promoting your role in helping to find solutions that capitalize on the resources your clients already have available. It will also help them build a positive and creative mindset so they can remove any brakes in life that slow them down or hold them back.

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