Meeting your shadow

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Meeting your shadow 

Creativity has the ability to walk its own very unique path and if we give in to our inner child, it can take us on a surprising diversion or detour through our own creativity. And even without a specific plan or strategy, it can sometimes without any common sense, force you to meet your shadow.

“To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light. He knows that shadow and light make the world… Anyone who perceives his shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle.”

Quote: Carl Jung

Your shadow can sometimes represent a hidden part of ourselves that at first glance might be uncomfortable to look at. However it is not always a question of looking for or investigating what is hidden, but looking for or listening out for something that wants to be found or finally step out into the light.

Very often, your shadow can be something precious that has been kept locked away or hidden from view. This can be where our artistic skills or creativity can really help us grow and experience something new and different. Sometimes we just need to press pause on our day and make some space for emptiness so we are free to have the opportunity to take that detour through creativity and not worry about where it may take us. See if you can meet your shadow by just going with the flow and see what happens?

Here are some quick ideas to help you press pause and prepare for creativity to flow:

  • Inner silence – Move away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and any external influences so you can tune into any creative feelings or desires
  • Attention of oneself – Search your mind for a connection to your creative self and listen to your natural intuition to see what it is telling you
  • The body – Use your mind to quietly study all areas of your body and be totally aware of how it feels in this moment

Further reading:

There may be situations where you as a coach feel a particular coaching tool or technique could work well, however it is always important to remember that not every client will be willing to try something different. It can be helpful to first ask for the client’s permission before you introduce something new and give them the choice to go ahead or not. That way, the client remains in control and is able to decide what would work best for them. Remember, being creative does not come easily to everybody, so adding creativity into coaching may not work for everybody.

But all of us, no matter what our line of business or where we live, will at some point be required to adapt and adjust to new situations that may at first make us feel uncomfortable. So as a coach, cultivating your own creativity means giving yourself the opportunity to always stay curious and alert. Be ready to spot those new opportunities and when a new or different idea springs to mind or something unusual happens around you, try giving the door a gentle nudge so it can open just a little bit more, instead of always letting it slam shut.

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